Pouch Time is a proud Canadian company, owned and operated by third generation Canadians.

As a mother of twins, feeding time was always a battle. Finding creative ways to get the twins to eat, turning to all sorts of recipes and ideas on the internet was a constant challenge. I would purée a variety of meals, anything tasty and healthy enough to get my kids to eat. But then I discovered the food pouches at the grocery stores. My twins instantly were fond of eating from those pouches. No matter where we went, at the mall, in the car, at the park, the kids would empty the pouches in minutes! Finally I had found a solution to my problem!

Soon after buying countless food pouches for my twins, the guilt of creating so much waste quickly set in. I also realized how much money I was spending on these pouches that weren’t even providing enough nutrients for my babies. I was looking for ingredients that unfortunately were lacking in these store bought food pouches. How could I feed my children healthy nutritious meals in these food pouches they love so much? That’s when I was inspired to create a reusable food pouch, one which I could fill with healthy puréed food from my kitchen.

Pouch Time reusable food pouches have made feeding time much more enjoyable for my husband and I and most definitely my children! I simply fill the pouches with puréed veggies, fruit, yogurt, a variety of meals and grab a pouch from the freezer or fridge and off we go! It has made our lives and hopefully will make yours much easier!

“I designed Pouch Time reusable food pouches with the spout at the top as that was what my children preferred, and with the curved design it’s easier for children to hold. The material is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free, very durable yet flexible enough to roll up to get every last drop out. I also wanted to make the pouch fun for children so they can see the food through the transparent pouches the children on the design are eating from. You can also write the contents or apply washable labels on the back of the pouch. Pouch Time is dishwasher safe and freezer safe as well.” – Meena Khangura