How to Use

Easy and Economical

It’s easy! Pouch Time reusable food pouches make it so easy and economical to feed your little ones. The high quality material is safe, BPA /Phthalate free, and strong enough to be used over and over again.

Simply twist the cap on tight, turn the pouch upside down so that the spout is at the bottom. Put your thumbs into the centre of the opening and grip each tab as close to the seal as you can. This will also help to extend the life of the seal on the pouch. Firmly pull the tabs away from each other. The seal will open so you can pour in your little one’s favorite homemade purée with a spoon, pitcher or funnel ¾ of the pouch full and zip lock. Ensure the zip lock is secured tightly by pressing firmly along the zipper. Twist off the cap (keep the cap away from children) and watch your little one enjoy!

Washing is simple. You can wash the pouch with soap and a bottle brush (ensure you don’t scrub aggressively with the bottle bristles along the ziplock). Or simply put it in the dishwasher. The pouches will last longer however if hand washed. There are no corners so it makes it easy to clean leaving nothing behind in tight places. 



Pouch Time reusable food pouches are convenient and fun to use! Your little ones can enjoy their favorite food anywhere, in the car, stroller, at the mall, playground, day care, or just in the comfort of their home.

Pouch Time reusable food pouches are easy to fill and have an anti leak zip lock. It keeps the puree safely in the pouch so no need to worry of any leaks.

We created the pouches so that the spout is at the top, making it easy for babies and children to recognize and understand.

Pouch Time pouches also have transparent graphics, making it fun for your little ones to see their favorite treats move up and down in the pouch.

The sturdy yet flexible plastic can be easily rolled up to get every last drip out!

Fill your pouch and then store in the fridge or freezer! They are a great storage option for large batches of homemade puree.

Simply place your full pouches in the freezer, and grab on your way out. To warm up the contents of the pouch, place the pouch in warm water. It’ll be ready to enjoy in a few minutes!

We also made it convenient for you to label the contents of the pouch, or even write the name of the child it’s for on the back of the pouch. You can use dissolvable labels or washable felt.


Pouch Time pouches are dishwasher safe too. The curved shape of the pouch makes it easy to wash so no food gets stuck in the corners.

The pouches are also recyclable and reusable, even the packaging. The pouches are also BPA Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free and Lead Free.